Outcast Multimedia: A short history

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Rich Sigfrit, and I’m the founder of Outcast Multimedia. I started in 2003 creating content and putting it on the internet. In 2004, I added my original Star Wars show to a podcast feed, becoming the very first fancaster. Since then, I’ve created nearly every type of content that one could. Well, not porn.

Wait…. Yeah, not porn.

I created Outcast Multimedia as a way to be able to help creative people who know how to make, but might no know the inner-workings of online distribution. Over the years, I’ve helped friends and groups like the 501st,¬†Barats and Bereta, Gouge Wrestling Geek Radio Daily and even Troma to create and distribute online content.

Outcast Multimedia was one of the earliest Podcast Networks in the Podosphere and I was proud to see many of the creators in our family grow into larger profile shows and or platforms.

If you have any questions about podcasting or creating online content, feel free to drop me a note here! If I don’t know the answer, I can connect you with someone who can!

Happy Creating!