2008 was, admittedly, a quiet year on the audio front. We did release our “best of” compilation, It Seemed Like a Good Idea Then, back in the spring. But even we admit it’s been a long, long time since our last full album release (actually, it’s been five years this month since we put out All Things Contorted – yikes!)

It has, however, been quite busy for us with another form of production – babies! On August 26, Michael Mroziak and his wife welcomed their second child, a beautiful daughter, Kari. She, with big sister Sarah and their mommy, are making it more difficult for Michael to hang on to whatever “man space” he can get in the house. Sure, there’s the garage, but it’s detached. That’s not terribly advantageous in the long, cold winter months in Buffalo, New York.

Keith Bielmeier, meanwhile, has been lucky to avoid all this and still gets a full night’s sleep as a result. But he’s been busy with his other “baby,” music. He’s performing with local bands, but more importantly lending his voice to a legitimate local cultural asset, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus. Of all the current and former ACOT members, Keith is in the best position to salvage his resume through this affiliation.

Mark Allen Holt will remember 2008 for the rave reviews he earned playing the lead role in Hamlet in Syracuse, New York.  Since then, has been lending his voice to several audio book projects with Full Cast Audio Productions.  Check them out at

So, you ask, when the hell are ACOT going to do something new? After all, if Guns ‘N Roses can finally put a new album out…

We have our eyes fixed firmly on something in 2009. Really. We promise. Mark’s admittedly feeling good with a change in presidents coming, while Michael has admitted penning some new material. Keith, in spite of his best efforts, is held close by some incriminating photographs the other two promise to release unless he re-ups for the next project. Besides, he owes community service and has successfully whittled away many of those hours convincing a judge that Michael is his “rehabilitation projects.”

Until the next time, Happy Holidays and good luck to you all in the new year!



Hi Folks, Michael here from A Cast Of Thousands.
Hang in there, the album is nearly complete and uploaded.  But while sitting at my studio desk making sure all was in order, I actually found some MORE material that should definitely be included in the collection, but needs a little time to edit.
In other words, give me a few more days, and it’ll be done.  Really.  I swear!  By adding this new material, I’ll prove this isn’t just some project that says “let’s just put something out so they know we still exist.”  Rather, this will be an album that says “let’s put something out so they not only know we still exist, but rather sucked so early on!’
Hang in there.  I swear, I’ll have this finished by the time the White House says or does something else foolish (see?  I TOLD you it won’t be long!)

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