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“Rich is one of truly great voices in podcasting. He is so versatile and creative. His productions are second to none. Rich Sigfrit is an easy going, fun person to work with.” – Rick Stringer

“Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit’s funny yet sympathetic portrayal of the half-orc blacksmith Herrjarr (my word, how does that man have any voice left?) is one of my three favorite performances.” [From Murder at Avendon Hill] – Micheal Spence

“The one man blooper reel… listening to some lines he did for me and the man is FRIGGIN’ HILARIOUS!!!!” – Indiana Jim

“Rich Sigfrit’s media talents go far beyond his sense of humor and mastery of the comic performance arts; his professionalism, dedication, business savvy, tech smarts, and experience are virtually unparalleled in the New Media world. Factor in his upbeat, positive attitude, and you have the consummate 21st century media pioneer. Rich is a powerful asset to any professional team or project.” – Jack Mangan

“makes me laugh to the point where I say stop, it hurts” – Susan Z

“Working with Rich Sigfrit has been a pleasure. As part of the new generation of web-creatives, Sigfrit has an easy way with both the creative and technical aspects of production and distribution. His facility with both aspects allows him to craft a product that intuitively works best with your final product’s delivery. No fuss, no muss, great work every time.” – Earl Newton

“Kinda funny” – Michelle, ArtistAlley Podcast

“Besides being a phenomenal voice actor, Rich has the ability to put real world structures behind creative ideas. He is a true entrepreneur with a drive for excellence and the commitment to see it through. He also ranks as one of the best networkers I have ever met.” – Jay Lynn

Requiem of the Outcast
Behind the Parsecs S3 COMING SOON
Best Fan Podcast
Behind the Parsecs S3 COMING SOON
Best News Podcast
Amazing Pulp Adventures
Starring Mister Adventure

Best Audio Drama (Long)
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Always in Motion: Ambush on An’Kerra
Requiem of the Outcast was also
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