Two-Minute Danger Theater is a comedy show chronicling the adventures of The Voice, Blake Diamond, and Commander Ranger and Cadet Nancy of Blast-Off Patrol. It’s what old-time radio might have sounded like had modern-day pharmaceutical drugs been available.

Show descriptions:

The Voice

Miles Archman uses his ability to throw his voice to make the criminal underworld believe he’s a mysterious, invisible crime-fighter! Since he can only throw his voice a few feet, Archman must stand nearby at all times, trying to appear inconspicuous.


Travel to the distant year of 1999 with Commander Ranger and Cadet Nancy as they patrol the solar system in their rocketship as members of the Blast-Off Patrol!

Blake Diamond, Jungle Adventurer

A globe-trotting adventurer and treasure hunter who curiously spends little time in jungles. Wherever there’s an ancient relic to discover, a Nazi plot to thwart, or a humanitarian crisis to ignore, Blake Diamond will be there!

If you like the show and want to support it, the best way is to tell everyone you know to check it out. If you don’t know many people, we encourage you to take a more active role in your community to make more friends. Plan a neighborhood barbeque, or read children’s books to orphans. It’s better for you, and better for the show.

The guys at Twisted Mojo Entertainment have been producing shows for the Internet for nearly a decade. We promise to remain independent in spirit and free from the influence of the Hollywood suits right up until the minute we sell out to a large corporation.

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