Death Tweet 08 Poster

Feel free to download the poster, print it off and work out in front of Matt F’n Wallace. Channel his power into your workout!

Death Tweet 08 Bloopers!

Here are some of the messemups we made.  Enjoy.

Post – Death Tweet Interview

I was able to take a few moments and speak to the blood splattered hero of Death Tweet 08

Death Tweet 08!

Here it is.  The long awaited audio dramatisation of Death Tweet 08!

Not Mur Lafferty: SusanZ

Not JC Hutchins: Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit

Matt F’n Wallace: The only person who could play him, Matt Fuckin’ Wallace

Transcript of the battle

Here is the pdf version of the full tweet battle brought to you by mightymur, jchutchins, and the Man, Matt F’n Wallace

Audio Promo from Matt F’n Wallace

Hello, Battle Fans!  Here is the audio promo from the Man who cannot be put down, Matt Fn’ Wallace.

Greetings, Travellor

Matt Fn’ Wallace just faced many a challenging opponent.  Coming soon will be audio and full transcriptions from the battle.