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Old Shows

On Hiatus: These shows will be returning as soon as soon as the producers can
Podcast 9 ON HIATUS Campfire Tales ON HIATUS Halo Hardwired PODFADED Those Guys Films ON HIATUS A Cast of Thousands ON HIATUS Women on the Go ON HIATUS
MiniSeries: These shows ran a particular length. Death Tweet may return as an annual show.  Actually, PRS For Pres may return in 4 years.
DeathTweet 08 MINISERIES Podcasting's Rich Sigfrit for President 2008 MINISERIES the Rebellion is Evil Taking the Empires Side MINISERIES

Podfaded: These shows had there run and have been cancelled. I leave them here because I’m still very proud of the work.
RotO FandomTron 5000 PODFADED Frames Per Life Films PODFADED

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