Need help with your show?

When I first started Podcasting/New Media, everyone helped each other. That was how we learned. There are plenty of services out there that charge to give you a few pointers, but they’ll only be able to tell you what they know.

I’ve been doing this for over since 2003, have done nearly every type of show out there, and have learned a few things. One of the biggest is that most grassroots content creators (e.g. folks without a built in audience when they start) do this for funsies, and don’t have disposable income after purchasing hosting, equipment, etc. Which is why I want to offer help for free. The only thing I’ll ask is to play a promo from the projects I work on in exchange.

So if you have a show and would like someone to offer up some kind, helpful and constructive pointers, feel free to reach out! There’s a reason they call me Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit!